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Sigma S32 Thatcham Upgrade Alarm CAT2>1

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Sigma S32 Thatcham Upgrade Alarm CAT2>1

Utilises Original equipment radio keys, Immobiliser, Perimeter and Ultrasonic Interior Protection

Light Goods – Cars, Vans – 12V

The Sigma S Series is designed to work independently as a full remote control system linked to the vehicle’s central door locking, or to interface with the manufacturer’s pre-installed remote locking system. All models are manufactured to the highest European certification standards, including Thatcham approval for the appropriate insurance-approved systems.


Utilising the original equipment radio keys, providing perimeter and ultrasonic interior protection

  • Thatcham Category 2 to 1 upgrade alarm system, providing perimeter and ultrasonic interior protection
  • Switched from vehicle’s existing OE remote controls
  • Supplied with self powered siren, and tri-coloured status LED
  • The system has negative lock/unlock outputs to switch negative controlled CDL systems
  • Single immobilisation circuit
  • Key theft protection facility – only with the optional keypad
  • Auxiliary siren, armed accessory, interior lamp illumination and headlamp illumination outputs
  • Sophisticated programming and diagnostic facility via the keypad

Security Features

  • Switches securely from the vehicle’s existing OE remote
  • Perimeter protection circuit for boot and bonnet (negative input)
  • Perimeter protection circuit for doors (positive or negative input)
  • Closed loop protection circuit (looped wire to protect accessories, trailers, bike racks etc)
  • Ignition detection circuit
  • Ultrasonic interior protection (base sensitivity adjustable, length of disturbance adjustable, and automatically adjusts if any movement is detected during the threshold time)
  • Single immobilisation circuit (18 amp continuous/30 amp max)
  • Manual arm, using the vehicle’s existing OE remote (or programmable auto arm, which automatically arms the system 60 seconds after the last door is shut – adjustable between 1 and 99 seconds. Auto arm can also be programmed to lock the vehicle if required)
  • Auto re-arm can be programmed to re-arm the system if a door is not opened within 60 seconds of disarming the system -adjustable between 1 and 99 seconds. Auto re-arm also re-locks the vehicle
  • Key theft protection feature can be turned on to prevent the OE radio keys automatically de-activating the immobilisation when the alarm system is disarmed. In this mode the system’s PIN must also be entered into the keypad before the vehicle can be started. This prevents theft of a vehicle even with the owner’s keys
  • Last trigger identification via the dashboard LED and a record of the elapsed time since the last trigger, can be recalled using the keypad
  • The total trigger count memory for each individual circuit since the system was installed or the memory re-set is also stored in the system’s memory
  • Additional plug in single stage sensor socket (see optional accessories)
  • Additional plug in dual stage sensor socket and siren pre-warn facility (see optional accessories)
  • Secure data linked, self powered siren included

Convenience Features

  • Negative door locking/unlocking control (with the ability to adjust the pulse length, to provide a double pulse or adjust the delay period)
  • Armed output (negative 200mA max )
  • Additional siren/pager output (negative 200mA max)
  • Interior lamp illumination output (negative 200mA max)
  • Headlamp illumination output (negative 200mA max)
  • Secure ignition PIN override
  • Secure PIN override using the keypad
  • Silent arm and disarm (audible bleeps can be programmed back on, however this will breach current legislation)
  • The last circuit to trigger can be excluded using the keypad
  • The vehicle’s battery voltage can be checked using the keypad
  • The sensors are excludable using the keypad or repeated arming

Personal Safety Features

  • Auto lock can be programmed to lock the vehicle at the start of a journey when the ignition is turned on, and then unlock when the ignition is turned off. This can be excluded on individual occasions