Vehicle checks could save you thousands

Whether deliberate or ignorant, running on old tyres is a risky business. Steve highlighted the far-reaching implications, which range from “financial costs of prohibition notices, through to potentially life threatening and legally disastrous consequences.”

Some of the more advanced vehicle tracking systems compel drivers to carry out a vehicle check in line with their company's health and safety policy, every day, before they start work. Tracking systems can also ensure safer conditions on the job – including reminding drivers to take appropriate breaks and allowing fleet managers to react when drivers exceed their stipulated working hours, in accordance with the Working Time Directive.

The MDT 860 and MNAV 760 from Navman Wireless has a Duty of Care module which prompts your drivers to carry out an initial vehicle safety check every day, safeguarding them from risks such as bald tyres, low air pressure or faulty lights. As well as ensuring that your mobile workforce remains compliant with health and safety policies, it also demonstrates your commitment to duty of care under the Corporate Manslaughter Act.

11 May 2011