CANbus technology delivers ROI for all transmissions

In recent trials of the Navman Wireless’ CANbus engine management system, fuel savings of more than £100 per vehicle per month were reported. The system has been designed to deliver quick return on investment .“With ever-narrowing margins, optimising driver performance is essential,” said Steve Blackburn, European Vice President, Navman Wireless. “CANbus technology allows fleet managers to continually identify areas for improvement and reward the professionalism of their drivers.”

In the recent trials, a Data Collection Unit (DCU) was fitted to four DAF HGV vehicles belonging to a respected haulier; two manual and two automatic. DCUs connect to a vehicle’s FMS interface to collect information about engine performance, including; over revving, excessive acceleration, harsh breaking and many other criteria, all of which prove invaluable in assessing and improving driver performance.

Driving one of the DCU fitted manual vehicles, the company fleet manager personally set a conservative estimate of achievable fuel consumption at 21mpg. The average fuel consumption figures collected during the following trial month were respectable.

Steve commented on the results: “The potential savings speak for themselves. In this instance, a good driver in a manual vehicle can go more than 50% further than an average driver in an automatic. There is still a significant 20% gap when just comparing the spread of manual performance.”

The customisable CANbus system makes it easier to manage the vast amount of engine data collected and allows operators to quickly identify important performance indicators and monitor fluctuations and rates of improvement.

Steve added: “Some managers choose automatic vehicles to sidestep potential manual driver inefficiencies altogether. The results show that all drivers can be helped to save a significant amount of fuel with the right data.”

11 May 2011