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New Website Launched

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new GCS UK Ltd website. The website now reflects all aspects of the business from product installation through to our wide range of products including the high profile driver and cyclist safety systems from Brigade electronics to conform with FORS and

CANbus technology delivers ROI for all transmissions

In recent trials of the Navman Wireless’ CANbus engine management system, fuel savings of more than £100 per vehicle per month were reported. The system has been designed to deliver quick return on investment .“With ever-narrowing margins, optimising driver performance is essential,”

NEW CAR THIS SEPTEMBER? FOCUS ON SECURITY. Reduce the risk of theft with TRACKER's stolen vehicle recovery system

As excited buyers of new cars take charge of their investment this September plate change, stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) expert TRACKER is urging them to ensure it is fully protected against theft. The number of stolen vehicles never recovered stands at almost 50%*. However, well over 90%** of stolen

Vehicle checks could save you thousands

Whether deliberate or ignorant, running on old tyres is a risky business. Steve highlighted the far-reaching implications, which range from “financial costs of prohibition notices, through to potentially life threatening and legally disastrous consequences.” Some of the more advanced vehicle

Stolen vehicle recovered

The vehicle was discovered to have been stolen at 7.30am from Wembley,  the theives had then driven the vehicle to an address in Basildon. The customer used the Navman AVL2 system provided by PTC to track to journey of the vehicle to where it had been parked and the police were then able to quickly

Navman Wireless announces iPhone tracking app

Customers of PTC Tracking, one of Navman Wireless's preferred east of England suppliers of vehicle tracking services, are now able to manage their entire vehicle fleet from the palms of their hands thanks to an innovative iPhone app being offered by the firm.  Based on the Navman Wireless’

Advanced mapping to keep your vehicles on the move

The dynamic new features, provided by Google Maps, will enable companies using Navman Wireless’s award-winning OnlineAVL2 software to more accurately determine off-site locations and better optimise journeys to and from customers and suppliers. “In-depth traffic reporting, detailing traffic

Egertons Recovery "bowled over" by vehicle tracking

Egertons Recovery, operating out of 14 depots and offering a UK-wide service, has been using Navman Wireless’ technology for less than 12 months but has already increased its order, and now the roll out to the entire fleet is in its final phase. According to John Marks, MD of the company’s